Natural minerals improve colouration of shrimps – especially noticeable for white colour. They help to maintain molt and bind harmful substances ( heavy metals) preventing them from accumulating in the organism of aquatic fish and shrimp.

DOSAGE: ok. 1ml / 20 ltr water

With every water change, product dose should be corresponding to the volume of substituted water. One dose ( about 1 ml) is suitable for 4 gallons of water. It is allowed, to use larger amounts of product, since overdosing is not dangerous but it should be taken into account, that product contains large amount of silicates (25% dry weight) so it is possible to cause rapid growth of diatoms. However, this effect is desirable in tanks where Sulawesi shrimps are being kept. After using, water may be slightly cloudy for next few hours. Before using it is necessary to shake the bottle well.

INGREDIENTS: silicate of aluminum, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese , aluminum and iron trioxide, hydrated silicate of aluminum magnesium and sodium

WARNING: Minerals should not be used to prepare RO water. They do not increase noticeably hardness, conductivity or pH of water.